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10 July 2018
The Greater Crofton Council will have a meeting in July.

Guest Speaker: WestRhode Riverkeeper Jeff Holland

Future Events:

10 July
Regular GCC meeting
Guest speaker: WestRhode Riverkeeper, Jeff Holland

7 August 2018
Night Out Against Crime
At the Crofton Library Parking Log

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When: Quarterly starting in January at 7:00 PM
Where: Village Commons Community Center
located in The Village AT Waugh Chapel
1326 Main Chapel Way, Gambrills, MD 21054.

GCC Meeting Cancellation Policy

If the Board of Education of Anne Arundel County cancels school activities due to inclement weather, then the Greater Crofton Council's meeting will also be canceled.

Please do not park in front of stores along
Main Chapel Way.

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Recent Events
Some notes from the Webmaster

10 April 2018
The "Candidates' Night" presented by the Greater Crofton Council on Tuesday, 10 April, attracted 25 candidates for ten county and state offices.

the audiance at the GCC primary Candidates Night Held at the Community Center at the Village at Waugh Chapel, the event drew approximately eighty potential voters as well as the candidates and their managers.

GCC president, Dan Scholfield Greater Crofton Council President, Daniel Scholfield, presided over the event assisted by Vice President Torrey Jacobsen. Each office seeker was allotted three minutes to present her or his views, and two minutes to respond to questions from attendees.

Senate Candidate, Eve Hurwitz First to present qualifications and proposals was state Senate candidate Eve Hurwitz, a Democrat.

She was followed by three Republicans currently representing District 33 and four Republican aspirants.

Republican candidates for delegates of district 33 Stacie MacDonald, Tom Angelis, Michael Edward Malone, Connor McCoy, Tony McConkey, Sid Saab, Jerry Walker

They in turn were followed by three Democrats hoping to become members of the House of Delegates.

Democratic candidates for delegates of district 33 Pam Luby, Tracie Hovermale, Heather Bagnall

Candidate for County Executive, Steurart Pittman The lone candidate for County Executive to attend, Democrat Steuart Pittman, a first-time office seeker from "south county", discussed his perspective and commented on issues of concern to him.

Next to speak were candidates for County Council district four.

Republican candidate for district 4 of the county council, Torrey Snow Torrey Snow, a Republican spoke first.

Democratic candidate for district 4 of the county council, Andrew Prusiki He was followed by the current office holder, Andrew Pruski, a Democrat.

Four candidates for the office of sheriff were present.

Republican candidate for Sheriff, Ron Batemann First among them to speak was the present Sheriff, Ron Bateman, on duty and wearing his badge.

Next spoke two other Republicans seeking the sheriff's office. Republican candidate for Sheriff, Jim Fredericks Jim Fredericks

Republican candidate for Sheriff, Damon Ostis Damon Ostis.

Democratic candidate for Sheriff, James Williams James Williams, a Democratic aspirant, was the last candidate seeking the sheriff's responsibilities.

Candidates for the seventh district County Council seat followed: Jonathan Boniface and Jessica Haire, both first time candidates and Republicans, introduced themselves.

Republican candidate for county council district 7,Jonathan Boniface Jonathan Boniface

Republican candidate for county council district 7, Jessica Haire Jessica Haire

They were followed by James Kitchin, a Democrat and, and also a newcomer.

Democratice candidate for county council district 7, James Kitchin James Kitchin

Candidate fro the Circuit Court, Claudia Barber Claudia Barber, a candidate for the Circuit Court, spoke at length on the role and procedures of the court.

Candidate for State's Attorney, Anne Cold Leitess Anne Colt Leitess, a Democrat, present head of the Special Victims Unit of the Baltimore State's Attorney's Office, described the responsibilities of the state's attorney and mentioned a few procedures on which she disagreed with the county's current state's attorney.

Candidate for clerk of the circuit court, Scott Poyer The sole participating candidate for the clerk of the Circuit Court, Scott Poyer, presented his thoughts briefly.

Candidate for Register of Wills, Joseph J. Janodky Perhaps appropriately, the candidate for Register of Wills, Joseph J. Janosky was the last to speak. He described the responsibilities of the office, the procedures used, and how he hope to implement the rules to assure the wishes of the deceased are implemented.

The evening concluded with Mr. Scholfield thanking all for coming and said goodbye to the group.


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GCC Partnerships

The GCC has cooperated in the following:

The GCC was the main organizer of
Crofton Night Out - 1 August 2017
NNOAC Logo 2017
Crofton Night Out 2017 Photos

The GCC was the main organizer of
Crofton Night Out - 2 August 2016
National Night Out Logo 2016
Crofton Night Out 2016 Photos

The GCC was the main organizer of
Crofton Night Out - 5 August 2015
Night Out 2015
Crofton Night Out 2015 Photos

The GCC was honored for helping fund the "TEEN Space" at the Crofton Community Library. Teen Space
Grand Opening Celebration Photos

Crofton Night Out - 5 August 2014
Night Out
Crofton Night Out 2014 Photos

Linthicum Walks President Katie Dentler and GCC Vice President Torrey Jacobsen

The Greater Crofton Council (GCC) recently donated $10,000 to assist with the preservation, protection and promotion of the Historic Linthicum Walks farmhouse and grounds, located next to the Crofton Middle School. Pictured are Linthicum Walks President Katie Dentler and GCC Vice President Torrey Jacobsen. Linthicum Walks dates to the mid-1700's and consists of a frame farmhouse built on a stone foundation, embodying the distinctive Tidewater architectural characteristics of early Maryland. The grounds also contain a family cemetery. The Friends of Linthicum Walks at Crofton will hold a General Membership meeting at the farmhouse later this Spring. Linthicum Walks is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as well as the Maryland Historic Trust.

Night Out 2013

list of nonprofits
Night Out Against Crime 2012

More on GCC Partnerships

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