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Crofton Night Out - 5 August 2014

Crofton National Night Out [Pictures]
Capital Gazette

Crofton's Night Out equals family fun
Crofton-West County Gazette


Nationa Night Out Target Logo
Target was the Crofton sponsor.
Target provided hundreds of hotdogs, volunteers, a moon bounce,
and lots of other stuff.
Thank you Target!
Hundreds of hotdogs and bottles of water Free hotdogs and water were one of the attractions. Ruby Jaby of the Crofton Library and George Clapp of nearby Coventry I Ruby Jaby head of the Crofton Library watches
George Clapp of the nearby Coventry I cook hotdogs.
The ever popular Moon bounce
Lots of kids enjoyed the moon bounce.
Kona Ice
Kona Ice was very popular.
The police clown had cop-trike this year.
The police clown had a cop-trike this year.
Build Crofton High School home of the Snakeheads
The push for a Crofton High had a booth.
Lots of police cars were around
Lots of police cars were around.
A police dog shows off its stuff
Various police dogs did their thing.
Fire Truck
Fire trucks and their crews were present.
The Rescue squad The Rescue squad was there.
Crofton Nursery
Groups like Crofton Nursery participated.
Crofton Community Center poster
The Crofton Community Center is still a dream.
Andrew Pruski with the police armored car Andrew Pruski, a county council hopeful stands with the police armored car.
Andrew  Pruski with Steny Hoyer It is an election year.
So here is Mr. Pruski with Steny Hoyer.
Henry Green, a state delegate hopeful, showed up.
Henry Green, a state delegate hopeful showed up
and was in favor of a Crofton High.
Steny Hoyer with the fire fighter crew.
Steny Hoyer talked with the fire fighter crew.
County liaison personel, Ashley Ricker and Hope Stewart with Steney Hoyer
The Crofton Night Out owed a lot to the county liaison personnel, Ashley Ricker and Hope Stewart for all their effort.
Torrey Jacobsen and Andrew Pruski
GCC vice-president, Torrey Jacobsen and Andrew Pruski.

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